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How Ethiopia’s New Railway Could Launch an Inclusive Urban Boom  


Ethiopia: U.S.-funded Preservation of Bete Golgotha Mikael Church in Lalibela Launched 


Amhara regional state statement on Woldia noted as betrayal


Hailemariam promotes army generals amid tension in the country


Addis Ababa: 10 best things to do in Ethiopia’s capital 


Ethiopia news

Ethiopia: Prisoners from Amhara region used as laborers in salt fields in Afar

Local and foreign businesses engaged in salt production in the Afar region of Ethiopia are using prisoners from Amhara region as laborers in dirt cheap payments…Read more: (

Ethiopia: 163M USD overdue in loan payments to creditors, leaked document reveals

The Ethiopian regime is behind its loan payments of about 163M USD to China and other creditors that was due in January and beginning February. It was also learnt that the loans for electric power projects were taken at exorbitant interest rates of upto 35.3%…Read more: (

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House majority leader, congressmen demand Ethiopian regime to give UN rapporteurs unfettered access

House majority leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Chris Smith and Rep. Mike Coffman demanded that the Ethiopian regime should allow UN human rights rapporteurs to investigate human rights violations in the country…Read more: (

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Leaders Of Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan Agree To Work Together On Issues Related To Dam

The leaders of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan have agreed to work in unison on issues concerning the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project and other issues of common interest…Read more: (

UN critical aid programmes for thousands in Ethiopia

The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) – a pool of funding which supports critical relief operations around the world – has allocated $10 million to help meet the life-saving needs of the most vulnerable people displaced due to conflict in Ethiopia…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Report shows 857,000 IDPs in Oromo, Somali regions

Some 857,000 people had been displaced in Eastern Ethiopia as a result of  what a joint report by the regime’s disaster management and a UN humanitarian coordination offices called conflict between the Somali and Oromo communities…Read more: (

TPLF soldiers kill 13 in Mersa town as protests continue in Northern Ethiopia

Protests have continued in towns in Northern Ethiopia where scores of people have been shot and killed by TPLF soldiers…Read more: (

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Closure of Ethiopia’s Most Notorious Prison: A Sign of Real Reform or Smokescreen?

Ethiopia’s most notorious prison lurks within the capital’s atmospheric Piazza, the city’s old quarter popular for its party scene at the weekend when the neon signs, loud discos and merry abandon at night continue into the early hours of the morning…Read more: (

Kobo: Security forces again kill unarmed civilians

Helicopter gunships on Thursday hovered over the town of Kobo, 588 km north of Addis Ababa, spitting gunfire as a show of force against the town’s unarmed residents who were protesting government crimes in neighboring town of Woldia where at least 12 were killed last Saturday…Read more: (

TPLF security forces kill 9 residents in Kobo town, Northern Ethiopia

Soldiers for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that operate under the guise of the national army of Ethiopia shot and killed at least nine people in Kobo town, Northern Ethiopia…Read more: (

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Ethiopia army suppressing new protests in Amhara: gunfire, deaths reported

Local media portals are reporting violent protests in Ethiopia’s northern Amhara region. The protest in the town of Kobo is against an earlier deadly crackdown that killed seven people in the town of Woldiya last Sunday…Read more: (

Unrest lurks in Ethiopia without ‘real dialogue’ – Gudina warns govt

The Ethiopian government needs to hold negotiations with the country’s most-popular opposition parties or risk the return of destabilising protests, a leading opposition figure Merera Gudina said in an interview, days after leaving prison…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Grenade attack on hotel in Gondar injures two

Unidentified men have thrown a bomb into the Addis Zemen Hotel in Metema town, North Gondar injuring two individuals working for the regime’s intelligence and security…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Businessman killed on Epiphany day by TPLF security was shot five times, his brother says

One of the thirteen people shot and killed last Saturday by TPLF security forces on Epiphany day religious festival in Woldia, a town on a major transportation route in Northern Ethiopia, was shot five times…Read more: (

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UN rights chief “concerned” over Ethiopia killings

Addis Ababa – The United Nations human rights chief expressed concern on Tuesday over the deaths of at least seven people chanting anti-government slogans during a religious festival in Ethiopia last week…Read more: (

Ethiopia’s leading opposition figure warns of unrest if dialogue fails

Ethiopia’s government needs to hold negotiations with the country’s most-popular opposition parties or risk the return of destabilising protests, veteran dissident Merera Gudina said in an interview, days after leaving prison…Read more: (

Ethiopia could be sitting on one of world’s great untapped gold deposits

To the west of Ethiopia near the Sudanese border lies a place called the Asosa zone. This may be the location of the oldest gold mine in the world…Read more: (

Ethiopia: HRLHA Calls for Genuine Solution to Crisis in Ethiopia

On 21 January 2018, the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) released an urgent action statement calling for more disclosure and action from Ethiopia’s government, in light of the recent release of political prisoners…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Tensions remain high in Woldia, protesters set truck ablaze in Hara

Reports reaching from Woldia show that tensions remained high in the town that has seen the killing of 13 people while celebrating the annual Epiphany celebrations this weekend…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Three killed for lowering flag at half-mast to mourn death of compatriots

TPLF security forces shot and killed three people in Alem Tena, East Shewa today while holding a sit in protest at a flagpole to mourn the death of protesters in Woldia and Moyale in the weekend…Read more: (