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Park life: workers struggle to make ends meet at Ethiopia’s $250m industrial zone

The government hopes its investment will lure foreign firms and boost the economy – but low wages and poor infrastructure may see it falter…Read more: (

U.K. reviews Ethiopia travel alert after killing of German tourist in Afar region

The United Kingdom on Tuesday December 5, reviewed its travel advice to citizens in Ethiopia citing the killing of a German tourist last Sunday (December 3.)…Read more: (

Ethiopia: New Spate of Abusive Surveillance

Ethiopian authorities have carried out a renewed campaign of malware attacks, abusing commercial spyware to monitor government critics abroad, Human Rights Watch said today…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Ethnic Violence in Ethiopia Leaves Deep Wounds

Ethiopia has experienced one of its worst population displacements due to violence in recent times…Read more: (

Thirteen killed in Mursi attack in Southern Ethiopia

Thirteen people were killed after the Mursis in Southern Ethiopia went on a killing spree to revenge the death of one of their own in a car accident…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Boycott by university students continues

Students of Jimma, Haromaya and Wollega Universities continue boycotting classes saying authorities did not heed to their demands…Read more: (


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German tourist shot dead in Ethiopia

A German tourist has been shot dead and a guide injured during a visit to a volcano in north-eastern Ethiopia…Read more: (

Unconfirmed : Sudan’s troops dig trench 40 kms inside Ethiopian border. Invasion?

US-based Ethiopian broadcaster, ESAT, reported on social media today that Sudanese soldiers crossed the Ethiopian border. They said to have advanced up 40 kilometers within the country’s border. The soldiers are armed with heavy weaponry and artilleries. ESAT cited sources from the region…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Four killed in protest in Woldiya

At least four people were killed on Sunday when a spat between soccer fans turned a violent protest against the TPLF regime…Read more: (

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The Ethiopian Banana That Flourishes In Drought and Heat

At first glance, Ensete ventricosum may look like a banana plant, with huge green fronds and a towering, thick brown pseudostem…Read more: (

‘Addis has run out of space’: Ethiopia’s radical redesign

As Addis Ababa creaks under the weight of a mushrooming populace, sub-Saharan Africa’s largest housing project is under way. But who benefits?…Read more: (

Ethiopian to Buy Four Boeing 777 Freighters With U.S.$1.3 Billion

Ethiopian Airlines announced that it has set to buy four Boeing 777 Freighters from Boeing [NYSE: BA] at a cost of 1.3 billion USD…Read more: (

How Chickens And Goats Are Helping To Stop Child Marriage

Many girls get married before age 18 in the northern, Amhara region of Ethiopia. The legal age of marriage is 18 — but the law is seldom enforced…Read more: (

Alero Dam

De Alero dam, ook wel Aloru, Alaora of Alwero genoemd, regelt de Alero-rivier die stroomt in de Gambela-regio. De rivier komt via het Gambele N.P uit in de Baro-rivier.

Wij waren hier in 2010. Vele studenten namen hun wekelijkse bad, kleren werden gewassen en gedroogd en er werd onderling pret gemaakt.

Wij werden gewaarschuwd, geen foto’s nemen van de dam, dit mag niet! Gezellig gepraat en gelachen samen en…natuurlijk wel foto’s genomen. Foto’s:©Lou & Ine Andreoli

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Ethiopia Plans to Close 27 Refugee Camps

The government of Ethiopia says it will close all 27 refugee camps in its territory over the next 10 years and integrate residents into local communities…Read more: (

Ethiopia: The rise and influence of TPLF chairman, Debretsion Gebremichael

The Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) on Thursday, Nov. 29, elected Debretsion Gebremichael after 35 days of marathon meetings and self-appraisals known as gimgema…Read more: (

Ethiopia: 40,000 Job Opportunities Created by Industrial Parks

Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) disclosed that the 5 industrial parks operating in Ethiopia have created around 40,000 job opportunities until the beginning of October…Read more: (

Ethiopia among the 3 worst abusers of Internet Freedom

For the third consecutive year, China was the world’s worst abuser of internet freedom, followed by Syria and Ethiopia…Read more: (

Ethiopia: 104 year old grandma of activist beaten to death in prison

104 year old grandma was beaten to death on Wednesday in a prison in the Somali region of Ethiopia. The body of Anbaro Sheik Dayib was given to the family today. She was suffering from Alzheimer…Read more: (

Ethiopia summons diplomat caught for DUI in Ankara

An Ethiopian Embassy staffer in Ankara, Turkey who was caught by police for allegedly Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and a hit and run was summoned by the Foreign Ministry…Read more: (

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Ethiopia: Protest continues in several towns

Residents of several towns in Ethiopia took to the street demanding an end to the TPLF rule…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Soldiers guarding Arba-Minch Airport disappear

Sixteen members of the army guarding the Arba-Minch Airport have disappeared, according to ESAT sources…Read more: (

Dr. Frank Ashall passes away

Dr. Frank Ashall, a British medical doctor who was also a rights activist and humanitarian passed away on Saturday, his family confirmed to ESAT…Read more: (

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Ethiopia: Eight killed as protest continues

Security forces killed six people in Eastern Hararghe where protests have continued for several days against the TPLF regime…Read more: (

Thousands of Ethiopians deported from Saudi Arabia

At least 1,300 Ethiopians have been deported from Saudi Arabia as the Kingdom’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants began last week…Read more: (

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Two runners died at The Great Ethiopian Run event yesterday

The Great Ethiopian Run organizers announced in a social media update that two participants died after they collapsed during yesterday’s event which drew more than 40,000 elite and carnival runners…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Thousands of university students left campus as protest continues

Protest by university students against the regime in Ethiopia continued as about 35,000 students of the Haromaya University left their campuses…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Army accused of killing three, injuring nineteen in Borena

The Borena Zonal administration said in a letter to the prime minister and other government offices that regime’s army members had shot and killed three in a locality called Sodo in Dire district, while nineteen other were wounded…Read more: (

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Ethiopia: Was/Is There Ethnic Conflict/ Violence in Ethiopia?

Conceivably, if there is a single most important question that requires in depth interrogation in the present political atmosphere of Ethiopia it is this one: was/is there ethnic conflict in Ethiopia…Read more: (

Ethiopia unveils 375 mln USD national electric power project

The Ethiopian government on Monday unveiled a new 375 million U.S. dollar national electricity project…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Court reduces Yonatan Tesfaye’s prison sentences

The Supreme Court of Ethiopia reduced jail sentences for Yonatan Tesfaye, activist and former public relations head for the Blue Party, who was sentenced to six and half years for a Facebook post…Read more: (

TPLF Demotes All Oromo Army Generals – Senior Tigraway officer General Seare Makonen faces a Sack.

The Ethiopian army Chief of Staff General Mohamed Nur Yunus, known as Samora, summoned some forty generals to the ministry of defence in Addis Ababa…Read more: (

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Ethiopia To Continue Building Nile Dam, Despite Egypt Protest

Ethiopia’s Water, Irrigation and Electricity Minister Sileshi Bekele said Saturday that his country will not stop constructing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) despite Egypt’s protestations, the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported…Read more: (

Checked-in Luggage Thieves at Ethiopian Airlines and Nigerian Airports, By ‘Fisayo Soyombo

…this is a public appeal to Ethiopian Airlines to return my stolen property, and also compensate Seun Oduloye, Temitayo Odusolu, Oluwaseun Adepoju and the anonymous passenger for their stolen items/luggage. It is not enough for my matter to be treated; all four others must be compensated…Read more: (

Ethiopia says ethnic clashes kill more than 20 in past week

Ethiopia’s government says more than 20 people have been killed in renewed clashes between ethnic Oromos and Somalis in the past week…Read more: (

New IRC research: pre-teen and teenage girls in humanitarian settings overwhelmingly suffer abuse by people they know

IRC calls for more humanitarian programming focused on pre-teen and teenage girls…Read more: (

Oromia – Ethiopian Somali conflict: Over 100 suspects arrested – govt

The Ethiopian government says 103 people have so far been arrested in connection with deadly regional conflict in the eastern part of the country…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Where are the legislators?

In what seems to be an unprecedented state of affairs, the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) is conducting its regular session in visibly low attendance. On Thursday the House barely met the required quorum of 50 percent plus one or the 275 threshold in the 547-member Ethiopian parliament…Read more: (

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Ethiopia won’t stop constructing the Renaissance Dam: minister

Ethiopia’s Water, Irrigation and Electricity Minister Sileshi Bekele said Saturday that his country will not stop constructing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) despite Egypt’s protestations, the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported…Read more: (

Ethiopia arrests 103 relating to regional states conflict

The Ethiopian government has arrested 103 individuals relating to recent conflict along the border of Somali and Oromia regional states, an official said on Saturday…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Will Mengistu Continue Enjoying Asylum Under Mnangagwa?

With the exit of Robert Mugabe, will the former Ethiopian dictator, Mengistu Haile Mariam, continue enjoying asylum in Zimbabwe?…Read more: (