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Ethiopia leader rejects call for World Bank arbitration in dam dispute

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has rejected a call by Egypt for World Bank arbitration in a dispute over a hydroelectric dam Addis Ababa is building along its share of the Nile…Read more: (

Ethiopia protesters defy security to march over deaths in Amhara State

There is still tension arising from deaths reported in Ethiopia’s Amhara region after security forces shot and killed a number of protesters on Saturday…Read more: (

Home » News » A nation condemned by its government, forgotten by the international community!

The heartless regime in Addis Ababa that has been killing Ethiopians with impunity for the last 26 years has once again unleashed its uninhibited forces of brutality; and has changed one of Ethiopia’s most colorful religious gathering from joy and worship into horror, grief and teeth gnashing…Read more: (

Ethiopia: 14 year-old among seven killed as TPLF forces shot at Epiphany goers

At least seven people were killed on Saturday in Woldia town in northern Ethiopia as TPLF security forces shot live fire at people gathered to celebrate the annual Ethiopian Orthodox Epiphany…Read more: (

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