Ethiopia news

Merera Gudina, Ethiopia opposition leader, freed

The leader of the Oromo Federalist Conference was released on Wednesday morning and allowed to go back home…Read more: (

U.S. tasks Ethiopia to follow through with political reforms

The United States has officially commented on political happenings in Ethiopia where the government has announced the release of politician prisoners and to also close a prison facility notorius for torture…Read more: (

RSF wants three journalists included in Ethiopian prisoner release

As the Ethiopian government prepares to release hundreds of detainees, including opposition politicians and political activists, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on the government to add three imprisoned journalists to the list of those about to be freed…Read more: (

Sudan, Ethiopia agree to deploy joint force to secure border

Sudan and Ethiopia on Tuesday agreed to deploy a joint force to secure their joint border and prevent any hostile activities against the two countries…Read more: (xinhuanet .com)

A major geopolitical crisis is set to erupt over who controls the world’s longest river

When Ethiopia’s prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn visits Egypt this week to discuss bilateral cooperation in sectors like health, education, and agriculture one contentious issue will stand out: the completion of Africa’s largest dam…Read more: (

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