Ethiopia news

Ethiopia: Hard-to-Tax Businesses Still Unsatisfied With the Tax Reform

For many consumers, a visit to Merkato, the biggest open market in Addis Abeba, was not fruitful earlier last week as a considerable number of businesses closed their shutters in protest against the daily income valuation conducted throughout the country…Read more: (

Ethiopia’s Anti-Graft Campaign is Rife with Ethnic Tensions  

Last week, the Ethiopian government announced the arrests of ‘top officials’ accused of ‘misdirecting public funds’ to ‘maximize their private interests,’ employing favored euphemisms for corruption…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Parliament recalled from recess 

The rubber stamp parliament in Ethiopia has been recalled from recess and is expected to discuss the state of emergency that has been in place since October 2016…Read more: ( 

Ethiopia: Regime continues to charge opponents with terror

Regime prosecutors charged a prominent opposition politician with terror while another was arrested last week in Bahir Dar…Read more: (

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