Ethiopia news

ISS Today: Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam a threat to downstream Nile states, including Egypt

The government of Ethiopia is currently constructing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam… Read more: ( 

Strike against new tax spreads to Ethiopia’s capital

Owners of small retail shops in Africa’s largest open-air market observe strike against new taks…Read more: (  

In Ethiopia, model drought defenses are put to the test


Addis Ababa is hungry. These days, Ethiopia’s capital seems to need more of almost everything: land for factories…Read more: ( 

Ethiopia: Why IPs Are the Order of the Day

If set up in the right contexts, special economic zones (SEZs) are an effective instrument to promote industrialization and structural transformation…Read more: ( 

It’s just become easier for some tourists to visit Ethiopia

Ethiopia has launched a new electronic visa application service, making it easier for tourists to visit the East African nation…Read more: (

Ethiopia Rides Out Upheavals And Anti-Government Unrest

While the upheavals of 2016 unnerved foreign investors, the economy continues to grow apace…Read more: (

Saudi amnesty expires as hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians remain in Kingdom

Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia face monetary fines, imprisonment and forced deportation as the Kingdom’s amnesty for undocumented workers expires on Tuesday…Read more: (

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