Ethiopia news

New tax law triggers protests in Ethiopia’s Oromia

Thousands of businesses remained closed Thursday in Oromia, Ethiopia’s largest region, as shopkeepers protested against a new tax…Read more: (

A Water Weed Is Damaging Ethiopia’s Largest Lake and Putting Livelihoods at Risk

Since 2012, an invasive weed known as the water hyacinth has been subsuming tens of thousands of acreage of the surface of Lake Tana, as well as adjacent wetlands and ranches surrounding the lake…Read more: (

Sudan: Hassabo Calls On Authorities to Facilitate Delivery of Ethiopian Goods Via Sudanese Ports

The Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohammed Abdul Rahman has directed the authorities concerned to facilitate procedures of delivery of the Ethiopian goods through the Sudanese ports…Read more: (

Skirmishes flare up along Ethio-Eritrean border

ESAT’s sources say there were skirmishes along the Ethiopia-Eritrea border this weekend in a place called Erob, Tigray…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Anti-tax hike strike spreads to southern regions

Towns and districts in southern Ethiopia have joined the strike by small businesses and vendors in the Oromo region opposing the recent assessment of taxes by authorities which traders say was unfair…Read more: (

Ethiopia’s Music of Resistance Stays Strong, Despite Repression

In Ethiopia, journalists and bloggers have long been subjected to imprisonment and terrorism charges, but musicians have been relatively free — until recently…Read more: (

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