Ethiopia news

Ethiopia: East Africa’s new economic power

Ethiopia’s economy is growing so rapidly it may soon replace Kenya as the largest economic power in the region… Read more: (

Ethiopian Capital Ready to Host African Summit

High Ethiopian officials have completed preparations for the 29th African Union (AU) Summit, scheduled here on July 3-4… Read more: (

Thousands Undocumented Ethiopians Return From Saudi Arabia

A first wave of Ethiopian nationals who resided as undocumented in Saudi Arabia returned to the country before overcoming the amnesty granted by the authorities of the kingdom, official media reported today… Read more: (

As drought bites, livestock insurance aids pastoralists in Ethiopia

Insurance is only part of the answer, but it is easing losses from drought for herders in southern Ethiopia… Read more: (

Ethiopia warns above-average rainfall to impact crops

The Ethiopian Meteorology Agency on Monday warned farmers across the country over the prospect of above-average rainfall in the coming days which could affect crops… Read more: (

Ethiopia: Deadly Malnutrition Crisis in Somali Region

An acute humanitarian emergency is unfolding in Ethiopia’s Somali region, with malnutrition reaching alarming levels, the international medical organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said today… Read more: (

Ethiopia: Sixty-seven children die of acute malnutrition in Somali region in June

A humanitarian agency says 67 children have died of acute malnutrition in the Somali region of Ethiopia in the month of June alone, warning that an acute humanitarian emergency is unfolding in Doolo zone, as malnutrition reaches alarming levels… Read more: (

Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians face deportation in Saudi Arabia

Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia face monetary penalty and imprisonment as the Kingdom’s amnesty for undocumented workers expired on June 25… Read more: (

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