Ethiopia news

Anguish and unrest in Amhara over Ethiopian state of emergency

In the Ethiopian city of Gondar the chewing of the mildly narcotic plant khat stimulates animated conversation about recent events during the country’s ongoing state of emergency…Read more: (

Battling to save the Ethiopian wolf, Africa’s rarest carnivore

Most members of the Canidae family, such as wolves, dogs and foxes, are versatile and opportunistic animals, thriving in many habitats and some even living in urban and suburban settings. In contrast, Ethiopian wolves are highly specialised to life in the Ethiopian highlands. Also called the “Roof of Africa”, it encompasses 80% of Africa’s land above 3,000 metres…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Turkish NGO to take over FETO schools

A Turkish state-supported NGO is gearing up to take over schools in Ethiopia linked to the group blamed for last year’s defeated coup in Turkey, said NGO officials…Read more: (

UK hosts Ethiopia PM, as British dad remains on death row

Ministers are hosting the first ever visit to London by the Ethiopian Prime Minister this week, while a British father remains illegally detained on the country’s death row…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Regime disrupts transmission of independent media 

The Ethiopian regime, a leading muzzler of the press, has once again disrupted the transmission of Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT), the management said in a statement on Thursday…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Imprisoned journalists and politician write letter to PM

Journalist Elias Gebru and Daniel Shibeshi, former leading member of the opposition Andinet party wrote a letter to Ethiopian prime minister pleading for their release from prison…Read more: (

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