Ethiopia news

Ethiopia: Reports of fighting in Ogaden

Ethiopian regime soldiers and army units from the Ogaden National Liberation Army had been engaged in a brief fight on Sunday, according to a report by the Ogaden News Agency…Read more: (

Ethiopian candidate for top WHO job gets full backing from Africa

Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs minister Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has received strong backing from African countries to head the World Health Organisation (WHO), whose elections are due next month…Read more: (

Ethiopia pushes for regional space power, awaits launch permit

The Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) on Tuesday said it is working on its ambitious plan to launch its first ever research satellite into space…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Road That Connects Sugar Projects Takes Off

This road will be the sixth project built to develop road infrastructure around Kuraz Sugar Project…Read more: (

Do we really know TPLF?

After nearly twenty-six years of misrule by TPLF, will you be surprised if we ask the question, “Do you really know TPLF?”…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Gov’t commission says Qilinto prison guards shot at inmates escaping fire

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission says prison guards had opened fire at prisoners who were running away from the fire that gutted down a building at the Qilinto prison in August last year…Read more: (

Ethiopia: EU official concerned over high number of political prisoners

The European Union expressed  its concerns over the large number of persons being detained or prosecuted following the anti-government protest last year which is continuing under the state of emergency…Read more: (

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