Ethiopia news

Ethiopia is making nonviolent Oromo dissent impossible

The Ethiopian parliament on March 30, 2017 voted to extend by four months the state of emergency it declared in October 2016 to suppress the unprecedented Oromo protests that engulfed the country for a year and a half…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Women Increasing Participation in Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing sector is among the key productive sectors of Ethiopia’s economy because of its immense potential for wealth creation, employment generation and poverty reduction…Read more: (

Letter on Why US Should Review Its Foreign Aid to Ethiopia

This week in a letter to the U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee on Foreign Relations, Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman, whose district includes the vibrant Denver-area Ethiopian community, urged his colleagues to review the more than $500 million American taxpayers dollars for Fiscal Year 2017 in USAID program to Ethiopia…Read more: (

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