Ethiopia news

Ethiopia’s increasing outmigration highlights wider economic and security problems

Ethiopia is a major source country of migrants. A lack of economic opportunities, demographic challenges, food insecurity and rising domestic tensions are all contributing to significant numbers of Ethiopians being on the move…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Tourism in Protest-Ridden Ethiopia Is Hurting – Reviving It Will Take More Than Unveiling a Logo

Last week on March 22, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, who also chairs the Ethiopian Tourism Transformation Council, officially introduced the Amharic version of Ethiopia’s new tourism logo ‘Ethiopia, Land of Origins’. It is now called Midre Kedemt in Amharic…Read more:(

Aid agencies warn of ‘lost generation’ in East Africa

Aid agencies warn that six million school children in East Africa will have their education disrupted if funds aren’t raised and aid fails to be delivered…Read more: (

Ethiopia: University professors decry rampant human rights violations

University professors in Gondar, Dessie, Debremarkos, Debretabor and other areas denounce the handling of human rights by the regime in the country and the killing of hundreds of youth in the last two years in protests in various parts of the country…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Survivors of landfill disaster get eviction notice but have nowhere to go

Survivors of the landfill landslide a fortnight ago that killed over 100 people say they have received eviction notice from authorities but have nowhere to go…Read more: (

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