Ethiopia news

Ethiopia: Capital hit by shortage of fuel, water 

Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa has been hit by a serious shortage fuel and water outages…Read more: (

Ethiopia: fasting for 55 days

Ethiopia is one of the world’s most religious countries. Orthodox Christians can fast seven times a year and wear religious-themed tattoos. In a politically troubled nation, people are “praying harder than ever.”..Read more: (

Ethiopia: Group claims responsibility for attack against military targets

Patriotic Ginbot 7, an armed group fighting the ruling TPLF regime, said its forces were behind the series of attacks in the last two weeks against government targets in northern Ethiopia…Read more: (

Gambella: Former president says indifference by regime encourages cross border raid

The former president of the Gambella region says cross border raid by the Murle of South Sudan has continued unabated due to indifference by the Ethiopian regime that repeatedly fails to protect its citizens from foreign attacks…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Aftermath of the Tragic Rubbish Dump Landslide

Ethiopians have been wailing miserably, biting their nails and gnawing their teeth due to the tragic rubbish dump landslide that occurred on March 11, 2017. It claimed several human lives in an area usually called Qoshe, in Kolfe-Keranyo Sub-city of Addis Ababa. (Qoshe in Amharic literally means heap of rubbish)…Read more: (

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