Ethiopia news

Ethiopia: Dams, Plantations a Threat to Kenyans

Dropping water levels in Kenya’s Lake Turkana following the development of dams and plantations in Ethiopia’s lower Omo Valley threaten the livelihoods of half a million indigenous people in Ethiopia and Kenya, Human Rights Watch said today…Read more: (

Chinese textile and apparel firms intensify investments in Ethiopia

Ethiopia keeps gaining momentum as a new sourcing country as a recent step by ten large Chinese companies – half of them textile and garment manufacturers – has shown: They have decided to invest in the East African nation in the first half of the current Ethiopian budget year…Read more: (

Catholic University receives Ethiopian manuscripts

A massive donation of Ethiopian religious manuscripts to Catholic University in Washington makes the school one of the largest holders of such texts outside Ethiopia…Read more: (

Prof. Berhanu Nega says front plays leading role in popular resistance

Prof. Berhanu Nega, Chairman of the Patriotic Ginbot 7, an armed resistance group fighting the Ethiopian regime, says the uprising and popular resistance seen in Ethiopia over the last year have proven right the front’s strategy of employing all kinds of struggle against the authoritarian regime…Read more: (

TPLF to pay 1.8 million USD to U.S. lobbying firm

The TPLF regime will pay 1.8 million USD for the year 2017 to a U.S.  firm, S.G.R. LLC Government Relations and Lobbying, to lobby on its behalf in a bid to influence U.S. policy makers to have a favorable view of the otherwise tyrannical regime…Read more: (

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