Ethiopia news

Ethiopia’s political ripple a big test for infrastructure-led Chinese approach

Nearly three months into the state of emergency declared by Ethiopia, the atmosphere on the streets of its bustling and impressively modern metropolis and capital, Addis Ababa, feels tense…Read more: (

Two journalists sentenced in Ethiopia on terror charges

The Committee to Protect Journalists has condemned the prison sentences handed down to two journalists from the Ethiopian faith-based station Radio Bilal…Read more: (

Ethiopia hands jail terms against Islamist activists

An Ethiopian court this week sentenced 20 Islamist activists to over 5-years in prison on charges of plotting to establish an Islamic state in the East African nation…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Up to 70,000 detained in Oromo region alone

The Ethiopian regime announced on Wednesday that it has released 10,000 prisoners in the Oromo region but local opposition political party says up to 70,000 people still remain in jail…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Prices of imported goods skyrocketing, inflation at 8.2%

The foreign currency crunch in the country has resulted in a surge in the price of imported goods, according market analysts…Read more: (

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